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There are several types of mortgages out there for you to choose from. The right loan for your needs depends on your individual situation and qualifications. Here are a list of some of the more popular loans that are being used today by home owners. Call us today and we will find a loan that works for you.

Once you select which loan option is right for you, visit our Calculators page in order to figure out your costs.

Disclaimer: This material is not from HUD or FHA and has not been approved by HUD or a government agency.

The 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage provides you with the most control over your monthly payment. Your affordable interest rate will never change over the life of the loan, providing your family with the confidence to build a budget for the future. The 30 Year Fixed Mortgage is perfect for those who are looking for long term home ownership; it provides an affordable and secure option for those who will stay in a home for a longer period of time.

The 15 Year Fixed Mortgage is similar to the 30 Year Fixed Mortgage but with a shorter term. The 15 year life of this loan means that you build home equity quickly, and you will pay less interest over the life of the loan. With a 15 Year Fixed Mortgage, your rate and monthly payments will not change, providing you with the reliability of knowing how to budget for your mortgage. This loan allows homeowners pay off their home faster, helping them achieve financial independence quickly.

Variable Rate Mortgage or Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a home loan whose interest rate can change over the life of the loan. Adjustable Rate Mortgages start off at one interest rate which, depending on your situation and mortgage, can rise or fall. Typically the extent to which the interest rate can rise or fall is specified in the loan contract. Variable Rate Mortgages are a great option for home owners who will need some flexibility in their payments or buyers who are interested in staying in a home for a limited period of time. Call us today and ask about our Variable Rate Mortgages we can provide!

An FHA Loan is a Federal Housing Administration backed mortgage for borrowers who have less cash for a down payment or those whose credit isn't perfect. An FHA loan is the perfect tool to expand the American Dream to more hard working families. If you think that you cannot afford a traditional loan, or if you have been turned down for a mortgage before, ask us about FHA loans today.

The FHA Streamline refinancing option allows those homeowners with an FHA loan to refinance their home quickly when they need to. FHA Streamline refinancing gives homeowners who owe more than their home is worth a chance to refinance into a more manageable loan. If you are having trouble meeting payments on your FHA loan, ask us about FHA Streamline refinancing today.

Jumbo Mortgages refer to home loans on properties that are valued at more than $417,000. Jumbo Loans may carry a slightly higher interest rate but they offer the flexibility and value to help you purchase a premium property. Premium properties require an experienced loan staff to find the right high value loan. Whether its your dream home or a savvy investment opportunity, ask us how our Jumbo Loan options can make your new purchase a reality.

Reverse Mortgage is a way for Americans aged 62 and over to access the equity in their home for life's expenses. Homeowners can use a large portion of their home's equity to take out cash in a lump sum or in monthly payments. Homeowners will not be required to make mortgage payments on this loan as long as they live in the house, and the loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)*. Talk to Pioneer today about how a reverse mortgage can give you the financial security that you deserve in the prime of your life.

Disclaimer: The borrower must meet all loan obligations, including living in the property as the principal residence and paying property charges, including property taxes, fees, hazard insurance. The borrower must maintain the home.

VA Loan is a mortgage that is backed by the U.S. Department of Defense for American Veterans of the Armed Forces. VA Loans are an excellent choice for veterans who are looking for a variety of loan options. VA Loans can be fixed rate or variable rate and veterans with poor credit might still qualify. Pioneer Mortgage is proud to work with our veterans to help put them into their perfect home.

The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program helps veterans purchase, refinance, or builds homes through VA-approved lenders. Packed with money-saving advantages such as no down payment requirement and no private mortgage insurance, the VA home loan also is designed specifically for the unique challenges facing service members and their familes. Apply now and start on the path of owning your first home today!

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